Making the data center of the future a reality

Workloads and technologies are ever-changing. And so are business expectations. IT organizations are caught in the middle, trying to keep the lights on while implementing the latest technologies and cutting costs. Timing is critical. That's why we offer access to Datalink on Demand (DoD) Labs and Insight's Advanced Integration Labs.
Validate new technologies for a modernized data center in a live, functioning environment either in person or virtually with Datalink on Demand Labs. Get a clear and simple demonstration on how the cloud transforms common services delivered by IT, and how to address the impact of emerging solutions on broad technology and processes. And when you’re ready to move ahead with deployment, accelerate implementation and onboarding with pre-deployment staging and imaging in a secure, ISO 9001:2015- certified Insight integration lab.

Datalink On Demand Labs provides an initial framework for proof of concept and validation, including:

  • Cisco solutions
    • UCS with converged infrastructure including FlexPod (NetApp), FlashStack (Pure Storage), and UCP (Hitachi Vantara)
    • Advanced data center networking including ACI
    • Security suite including AMP and FirePOWER
    • Enterprise Cloud Suite (Prime Service Catalog, UCS Director, CloudCenter)
    • MetaCloud (OpenStack)
    • HyperFlex
  • Hybrid Cloud with Cisco and VMware
  • Complete Hitachi Vantara suite (VSP, G-Series, UCP Pro, Command Suite)
  • The latest NetApp technology (FlexPod, ONTAP 9, MetroCluster, NetApp AFF, SolidFire)
  • Veritas NetBackup, NetBackup appliances, Enterprise Vault, and more
  • VMware vRealize suite, Cloud solutions vRA, and NSX
  • Hyperconverged solutions:
    • Nutanix
    • Simplivity
    • HyperFlex
    • VMware VSAN

Datalink On Demand Labs overview

Get past the hype and promises of new technologies and discover what they can truly do for your data center. Datalink proves how they can impact your organization before you implement and invest so you can launch faster and with less risk.

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From your location or at a Datalink office, DoD Labs will show you how to:

  • Get your infrastructure up and running faster
  • Deploy technology solutions easier
  • Identify workload requirements and validate technology solutions
  • Maximize return on investments
  • Achieve organizational goals quicker
Our use cases help lay the framework for a more modernized data center. We start by matching workloads and business requirements to solutions, services, and emerging technologies. From there, we transform initial proofs of concept into specific use cases with our subscription-based DoD Labs and on-premise pilot projects.

Datalink On Demand Labs enable you to experience a wide variety of technology demonstrations, including:

Long-distance, site-to-site replication

Data recovery
WAN optimization
Cloud solutions

Through Insight, our parent company, we offer a range of expert services, along with strong partnerships to implement the best strategy that increases your productivity and enhances your data center.

Insight's Advanced Integration Lab is a secure, ISO 9001:2015-certified, and vendor-neutral environment that allows you to:

  • Configure IT assets to your exact specifications. From staging to imaging, configuration and beyond, the labs help set you up for a successful deployment and help your end users get productive faster.
  • Ensure a 99% accuracy rate. Every device is thoroughly tested.
  • Access dedicated lab specialists who coordinate the distribution and configuration of large numbers of devices so you can focus more on the people who will be using them.
  • Centralize and properly maintain assets, including prompt, stress-free device repair and replacement that improves user satisfaction.
  • Host client image servers for custom deployment, etch tablet devices for security or branding, and tailor assets to specific business needs.
  • Reduce dead-on-arrival units and on-site setup time. Whether you need one device or 1,000, we process assets with accuracy and velocity.
  • Ensure your assets are safe — from physical security within our primary distribution center to secure connectivity for dynamic imaging.
Insight offers access to a secure, certified integration lab for deployment, accelerated implementation and onboarding, with pre-deployment staging and imaging. Learn more about this Insight offering.
A next-generation data center is no longer a nice thing to have; it’s a critical part of a strategic business. We’re here to help.