The storage landscape is changing

Not every business needs to rapidly transition to flash or completely alter storage strategies overnight. But over time, it is possible to reduce storage management complexity and optimize your organization's data center across its workloads. Leverage the right storage options to transform your data center’s capabilities and gain a competitive advantage for your organization. 

We know the storage landscape

Datalink has been in the storage industry for more than 25 years, evolving as the technology has advanced. We know storage. And we have invested significant resources into understanding flash and the storage landscape. Datalink has the expertise to architect, implement, manage, and support the right storage solution for your current workload environment and align it with business objectives to make the most impact.

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Trust Datalink to help you leverage flash

With the right approach, architecture, and deployment, flash storage can provide competitive advantages and reduce the capital and operational costs of IT. More and more organizations are deploying flash as their preferred underlying storage system. And many vendors offer multiple flash options with varying levels of features and benefits dependent upon workload requirements.

Flash is fast – there’s no question about it. But the use of flash is not just about speed; it's also about enabling certain workloads to reliably process increased amounts of data. Flash allows for much faster data transfer rates as compared to traditional spinning disk storage, accelerating mission-critical applications for virtual data centers. 

When developing a flash strategy, consider these critical factors:

Cost efficiency
How much actual data is stored? What about deduplication or compression?
How reliable is the flash technology? How long until flash wears out?
Is it easy to scale up and out?
Is it user-friendly? Intuitive?
What is the level of effort to manage it?

Bring the flash revolution to your data center

Discover how you can lower costs and risk with a fully validated all-flash converged infrastructure solution.

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All-Flash Storage Arrays: Three Misconceptions and Three Realities

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