Prepare your network for the future of digital

To both consumers of IT services and the business, nothing is more important than agility, performance, scalability, and availability. But when it comes to delivering on these requirements, many businesses experience misalignment between applications and networks, which can hinder modernizing their data center’s capabilities.

Through high-performance, next-generation data center networking capabilities, Datalink can help you achieve multiple benefits, including the ability to:
Gain operational simplicity and business agility
Deploy applications faster and in real time
Accelerate go-to-market capabilities
Secure your network across the enterprise
Deliver high-bandwidth applications and services
Manage more cost-effectively and reduce CapEx

Improve your network performance and resiliency

Organizations are dealing with the challenge and complexities of managing the ever-growing number of virtual and physical devices. Because of this, networks today must be robust, yet flexible. They must be capable of evolving to meet the business challenges of today and tomorrow. And with heavy network demands, organizations are looking at standardization to minimize costs.

Datalink uses a consultative, best practice-based approach for virtualization, consolidation, business continuity, and disaster recovery to deliver value and measurable performance gains across the network infrastructure. With increasing breaches and threats, compliance requirements, and a transitioning technology environment, we place even more emphasis on protecting data and enterprise networks. Using our dedicated engineering experience, we design, implement, manage, and secure networking solutions that will meet your specific business needs and ensure your investments deliver tangible business results.

Our expertise includes:

  • Using an enterprise perspective to determine performance capabilities of LAN and WAN Recognizing bottlenecks, equipment configuration problems, single points of failure, end-of-life situations, and end-of-support for hardware and software
  • Deploying a variety of automated, industry-standard tools to conduct assessments in both wired and wireless environments
  • Focusing on mission-critical applications to safeguard against disruptions
  • Providing continuous access while safeguarding company assets
  • Managing ever-growing needs and number of devices from a single platform
  • Providing and implementing network solutions that ensure overall security for information property and business

Seamlessly share information through voice, data, video, and mobile applications

From internal collaboration to customer interactions, business is about communication. And communication is about the services and infrastructure that enable it. Through a customized unified communications plan that optimizes your existing wired and wireless networks, you can eliminate added expenses between offices, deploy cutting-edge collaboration solutions, and expand your tech support and call center communication options.

Our comprehensive communications expertise includes:

  • Infrastructure including switches with inline power for IP phones, call control servers, and software
  • Voice gateways integrated with your routers
  • Voice, conferencing, and call center servers and applications
  • Unified communications applications including messaging, mobility, voice self-service, and online meeting services
  • User devices such as wired and wireless IP phones with optional video

Take advantage of next-generation technology and best practices with an infrastructure evaluation

Identify mission-critical applications and get unbiased recommendations for best-available technologies to improve your current environment; address future needs; and experience cost-effectiveness, flexibility, operation management, troubleshooting, and control.

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enterprise networking infrastructure assessment
A next-generation data center is no longer a nice thing to have; it’s a critical part of a strategic business. We’re here to help.