Your data center of the future starts with the cloud

There are many uncertainties when choosing a data center platform strategy. Some workloads are best suited for the private cloud, and others are better for public cloud. For many organizations today, a hybrid cloud solution is the answer. Embracing innovation through key platform choices, while also evaluating and incorporating existing IT strategy, can deliver optimal results.

From assessing workloads to choosing the right platform to managing operations and processes, there are a number of considerations to address before jumping into a platform strategy.

Organizations considering cloud and platform strategies pose many of the same questions: 

  • How do I compare cloud costs to current enterprise costs?
  • Should I implement the public cloud? Private cloud? SaaS?
  • Will a hybrid cloud solution properly address our diverse needs?
  • How will I transform or manage legacy systems?
  • What will be my service provider strategy?
  • What operational processes can I streamline?

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Choosing the right partner can help you answer these types of questions, understand next-generation technologies and platform choices, simplify management, and deliver optimal results. Our expertise and thought leadership across a variety of infrastructure platforms is a significant part of our 25-year heritage. We seize innovation, and believe that new platforms in recent years represent the rapid technology advancement in our industry.

Datalink can help you create your data center of the future with these steps:

  • Outline an optimized future state and analyze financial benefits.
  • Develop an IT cloud strategy roadmap and recommendations.
  • Evaluate and move workloads to proper platforms.
  • Deploy next-generation technologies.
  • Move work and data efficiently to platforms.
  • Measure and maintain service levels across platforms.
  • Deliver consistent security across all platforms.

Addressing and assessing your workloads

Optimizing your data enter of the future begins with a comprehensive understanding of the many assets – people, processes, and technologies – that span the entire IT infrastructure. And regardless of platforms, your data center should be orchestrated, automated, managed, and secure.

Datalink helps empower your organization to evaluate application ecosystem, dependencies, and proper workload alignment. Once you have a holistic view of your organization’s workloads, only then can you properly align them and your infrastructure with the most optimal and cost-effective platforms.

Our cloud strategy and workload alignment approach includes: 

Consider workload inventories, dependencies, and alignment
Build service catalogs
Execute operational assessments
Perform financial analysis, including TCO and ROI for recommended workload placements

Matching cloud solutions with workloads: Public, private, or hybrid cloud?

When it comes to the cloud, it's important to remember that one size does not fit all. The public cloud isn’t right for every project or every business, and many organizations will continue to rely on their on-premises private infrastructure like hyperconverged, converged, and flash to handle a variety of workloads. Or a hybrid cloud can unify or migrate workloads between private and public clouds – and offer more choice and flexibility as to where workloads will run.

A successful cloud strategy needs to be driven from business needs, critical workloads, and your unique consumer base. Determining the right approach to management, workload placement, cost, and interoperability is crucial to having a fully operational and efficient environment. Our IT teams modernize and streamline the data center – the key to building a business-focused IT department and a powerful balance between a private and public cloud.

Benefits of aligning workloads and the cloud:

  • Get a clear picture of the role of cloud for every workload.
  • Reduce risk and speed up adoption of transformative changes.
  • Adopt a framework cloud strategy to better manage the data center.
  • Gain an understanding of the costs and benefits of moving workloads to the cloud.
  • Determine best-fit hosting options and appropriate plans for workload migration.

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