Integrate the public cloud into your multi-platform strategy

The public cloud is playing an increasingly important role in how companies transform their data centers, provide access to additional resources, and optimize workload alignment. But, while public cloud platforms are readily available, there are critical questions to be considered before you take action. What will you move to the public cloud? Why are you moving it there? What dependencies are involved? How will the move be executed? What are the security considerations? We can help you find the answers.

Capitalize on the benefits of public cloud

Public cloud platforms are a key component to a robust multi-platform strategy for a number of reasons:

  • Agility — The capacity-on-demand nature of the public cloud allows you to access additional resources quickly as needed.
  • Stability — Public cloud resources are continually tested, enhanced, monitored, and supported by providers to maximize reliability and uptime.
  • Self-Service — Once you’ve successfully integrated public cloud resources into your platform strategy, your IT group can easily make changes to optimize your workload alignment

Use our expertise to your advantage

How is your organization utilizing the public cloud today? Wherever you are on your journey, Datalink can assist you with public cloud adoption and optimization.
Cloud Strategy
  • Public Cloud Readiness Review
  • Workload and Dependency Assessment
  • Application Blueprinting and Modernization
  • DevOps
Architecture & Design
  • IaaS Architecture
  • Workload Alignment
  • Hybrid Network
  • Hybrid Storage
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
Governance & Operations
  • Security and IdAM
  • Monitoring Runbooks and Tools
  • Script Development
  • Managed Services
  • Service Catalog
  • Road Mapping
  • Project Planning

How Datalink can help you use the public cloud to your advantage

Datalink can simplify and streamline your integration of public cloud resources in many ways. First, we help you understand whether it makes sense to move a particular application to the cloud by performing application mapping. We work with you to answer the questions, “What is the business value of an application, and can additional value be realized if it is migrated?”

Our consulting services assist in blueprinting an application’s processes, functionality, and connectivity so that it can be updated to meet your needs for moving to the cloud. What’s more, we help with planning and implementing disaster recovery processes and integrated active directory solutions, addressing governance and security requirements (both internal and mandated by a regulatory body) associated with moving to the public cloud.

Datalink also provides comprehensive managed cloud services in a new IT model that enables you to lower operational costs, grow revenue and services, improve service levels, reduce risk, and increase speed to market. Ultimately, all this guidance and assistance results in an effective and optimized hybrid cloud solution. 

Assess your readiness to tap public cloud resources for data protection

For many organizations, the public cloud is an ideal platform for data backup and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities. We offer services that help you determine if your operations can capitalize on the cloud.

Before implementing an advanced strategic data protection approach, you need to compile and analyze the data that will drive your decision making. Our Cloud Backup Assessment guides you in identifying and documenting a hybrid cloud approach to advanced strategic data protection by providing a clear understanding of key metrics.

Your ability to ensure business continuity is more important today than ever. Our Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery Proof of Concept helps you validate whether you are positioned to increase the speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness of your disaster recovery (DR) processes using Azure. These insightful evaluations lay the groundwork for transforming your critical backup and DR functions.

Results delivered for our clients

Complete Azure architecture and migration
Enabled $10M in cost savings
Defined governance, security, and new cloud model
Moving 80%25 of workloads to public cloud in next two years
Rewrote entire application portfolio in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

IT transformation isn’t just a technology decision — it’s a strategic move for modern businesses. We’re here to help.