Case study

How did an iconic printer brand use Datalink and a NetApp solution to save $1M in immediate contract avoidances?

Business and IT challenges


Shift IT focus from managing infrastructure to helping the business leverage technology

Tight timeframe to leave existing data centers and sell occupied buildings
IT operations

Keep operational cost flat while improving operational performance


Financial requirement for a monthly OpEx payment model 


Need for both a private cloud and elastic burst ability

Datalink solution: Cloud Complete (private cloud)

  • Infrastructure designed and installed (2,400 host images, 600 TB, firewalls, network, WAN)
  • Hosted in third-party data center
  • Moved 175 hosts from physical to virtual
  • Decomnnisioned 40 hosts
  • Replatformed 300 servers from Solaris to Linux
  • CDOT upgrade
  • Managed and monitored by Datalink Managed Services
  • Hosts virtualized, re-platformed, and data migrated

Results and impact

  • $1M+ immediate savings in contract avoidance
  • Modernized infrastructure that will provide greater business focus and agility
  • Reduced management costs and effort
  • Created services oriented architecture to increase agility within the environment
  • Increased operational efficiences for the entire R&D team
  • Decreased overall operational cost for the IT infrastructure and service delivery