Tech Tuesday is a webcast series for Datalink OneCall Support Services customers specifically focused on technical issues and challenges.

Netbackup 8.1.2: What’s New? What’s the Impact?

During this webcast, you’ll learn about notable capabilities, changes, as well as experiences to date. You’ll walk away with tangible considerations and tips for preparing for upgrading to NBU 8.1.2, as well as utilizing the software in your environment.

Veritas NetBackup Secure Communications: Considerations & Tips

Join us as we dive into what exactly Veritas NetBackup secure communication is and how it may impact your backup environment. Topics will include:

  • Overview of what Veritas NetBackup secure communications is
  • Problems solved with secure communications
  • Framework for implementation
  • Mid-level dive into managing secure communications
  • Potential impacts on backup environments
  • Troubleshooting secure communication related errors

Hybrid Cloud Data Protection: Considerations & Comparisons

Transitioning to a hybrid cloud environment requires due diligence on a number of fronts, including data protection. During this webcast, you’ll learn about the best practices for assessing your organization’s data protection needs, the challenges and opportunities that hybrid cloud presents, as well how to compare the offerings of vendors. In addition, you’ll hear about lessons learned based on the successes and roadblocks experienced by IT organizations.

Next Gen Segmentation: How to use the Network as a Security Platform

Next gen segmentation combines the network visibility from Cisco ISE, the behavioral analysis from Cisco Stealthwatch, and the granular control from Cisco TrustSec to apply sdynamic and scalable role-based access controls on top of the traditional wired and wireless LANs. Using the network as a security platform reduces the amount of security chokepoints and can block potential risks at the source all while enhancing the visibility and context to enterprise endpoints and applications. Rich context awareness will allow organizations to respond to incidents quicker while using less resources. During this webinar, you hear Insight/Datalink Security Architect Mike Sciacero discuss:

  • Using the network as a security platform with network transformation
  • Comparison of traditional segmentation vs. next gen segmentation
  • Use cases
  • Overview of Cisco TrustSec and Scalable Group Tags
  • Roadmap into SDA and Data Center

SD-WAN: Capabilities and Key Considerations for Addressing Modern Challenges

SD-WAN allows enterprises to consume commercial internet services while providing the same or better manageability than MPLS. During this webinar, you’ll hear Datalink Data Center Architect Jason Sisak discuss:

  • Differences between traditional WAN vs. SD-WAN
  • What’s motivating organizations to assess SD-WAN?
  • How does SD-WAN address these challenges?
  • Key considerations when assessing whether SD-WAN is right for your organization
  • Use cases

NetBackup Troubleshooting Refresher/Introduction

Want an introduction to or refresh of NetBackup troubleshooting tips and best practices? Join Chette Boardman, Advanced Support Engineer, with Datalink OneCall Support Services.

Veritas NetBackup 8.1: What's New? What's Been Enhanced? Things You Need to Know.

Join Datalink for an initial overview of Veritas NetBackup 8.1, including new capabilities and enhancements to existing features, such as: secure communications, individual VMDK recovery, enhanced MSDP encryption, and simplified software deployment.

Veritas NetBackup Tuning Tips

Join Datalink OneCall Support Services Engineer Chette Boardman for a discussion regarding performance improvement opportunities and how get the most out of your Netbackup environment.

Cisco UCS Sys Admin Best Practices: How to Streamline Resolution Times for Common Issues

Learn how to troubleshoot and resolve common Cisco UCS issues Join Datalink OneCall Support Services Technical Support Engineer Conrad Madewell for a discussion regarding best practices.

Upgrading NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP: Essential Preparation Steps & Tips

Preparation is key to a successful upgrade. During this webcast you’ll learn about key considerations and preparatory steps that have proven to streamline upgrades and avoid post-upgrade incidents that can impact operations. You’ll also hear about tools and tips that will help you carry out your preparations.

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