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Insight Extends OneCall Support and Managed Services to Commvault

The Commvault platform joins Insight’s Cloud + Data Center Transformation support services lineup that spans the on- and off-premises technology stack, providing one-stop 24/7 monitoring, root cause analysis and problem resolution that reduces the resources IT teams must allocate to manage today’s complex IT environments.

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The complete Managed Services guide

How do you accelerate transformation when your internal IT resources are already at capacity? Managed services is one good answer. Find out how organizations are using managed services to address both day-to-day and transformational business needs in this comprehensive guide.

51% of IT Transformation Initiatives Stalled by Planning, Execution Challenges

More than half of enterprises undertaking IT transformation initiatives have stalled or abandoned select projects while grappling with the complex personnel, process and technology changes required to modernize their IT operations and enhance their ability to support business needs, according to a new IDG Research Services survey commissioned by Insight Enterprises’ Cloud + Data Center Transformation division.

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Tech Tuesday – NetBackup Tips and Tricks

As with any powerful tool, knowing a few tips and tricks can help you use NetBackup more effectively. From how to retrieve backups to staying on top of important administrative tasks and upgrades, this webcast will give you the tools you need to succeed.

Insight Expands OneCall Support and Managed Services for Nutanix

Insight’s Cloud & Data Center Transformation (CDCT) division announced the expansion of Insight OneCall™ support and managed services offerings to include support for the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS, validated for Nutanix NX, HPE and Dell XC Family hardware platforms. Insight also supports both Nutanix software and Cisco UCS hardware for organizations deploying Nutanix on the Cisco platform.

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Professional Services: Data Center Solutions

Whether your operations span multiple clouds, rely on hybrid cloud, or utilize cloud-ready, on-premises IT infrastructure, our data center solutions simplify data center operations, improve service delivery, and enable cloud initiatives.

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IDG Survey — Infographic

Quickly digest highlights from the Insight-commissioned IDG Research survey, “The Challenge of Change: IT in Transition.”

10 Rules to Protect Workloads in a Hybrid or Public Cloud

This whitepaper looks at some common mistakes and lessons learned about data protection in a public cloud or hybrid cloud environment. It also offers high-level guidance to better protect your data and applications, especially when they reside in someone else’s cloud.

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Tech Tuesday – Netbackup 8.1.2: What’s New? What’s the Impact?

During this webcast, you’ll learn about notable capabilities, changes, as well as experiences to date. You’ll walk away with tangible considerations and tips for preparing for upgrading to NBU 8.1.2, as well as utilizing the software in your environment.

Public Cloud Workload Migration: 9 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Before any workloads are migrated to public cloud, some groundwork is in order. This groundwork will help IT leaders determine which workloads are best suited for public cloud, as well as prepare and execute successful migrations. This white paper looks at both common cloud migration mistakes to avoid as well as the best way to succeed with your organization’s own cloud efforts.

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Moving Workloads to the Public Cloud? Don’t Forget About Security.

Organizations need to have a thorough understanding of the data and applications being moved to the cloud, and of their governance model in place. Lacking these critical pieces of knowledge can result in untentional data disclosure events or other unwanted vulnerabilities in the new environment.

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A Successful IT Transformation is Possible — Here’s How

According to a recently published IDG Survey, “The Challenge of Change: IT in Transition,” IT transformation hurdles are many — but a well-documented and communicated plan can help prevent missteps in an enterprise IT journey. Learn more from Principal Architect Frank Bogucanin in this blog post.

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Leading University Healthcare System

A data center transformation that prioritized simplicity, modernization, and cost reduction allowed this healthcare provider to avoid a $30M capital investment.

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What ‘Cloud First’ Means — And Why a Hybrid Approach is Best

According to a recent IDG Survey, security and finances are the top concerns in a ‘cloud first’ approach, followed closely by resistance to change within the organization. Learn how to succeed in your cloud strategy — and why a hybrid approach might be best.

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Tech Tuesday – Veritas NetBackup Secure Communications: Considerations & Tips

Join us as we dive into what exactly Veritas NetBackup secure communication is and how it may impact your backup environment. Topics will include:

  • Overview of what Veritas NetBackup secure communications is
  • Problems solved with secure communications
  • Framework for implementation
  • Mid-level dive into managing secure communications
  • Potential impacts on backup environments
  • Troubleshooting secure communication related errors

Managing the Public Cloud: Who Owns What?

When it comes to management responsibilities of a cloud environment, confusion still reigns at many organizations about the complexities involved. This whitepaper looks at how the roles and responsibilities differ depending on the type of cloud service, and provides guidance as to what organizations should be doing when it comes to management of IT as part of a move to the public cloud.

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One Size Does Not Fit All: Understand Your Workloads Before Selecting a Cloud Platform

Cloud migration is the new frontier of data management. And yet, 40% of IT leaders have removed workloads from the public cloud. How do you know what’s right for your business? Our Chief Architect, digs deeper into cloud migration and data management in this new article.

Hybrid Cloud Data Protection: Considerations & Comparisons

Transitioning to a hybrid cloud environment requires due diligence on a number of fronts, including data protection. During this webcast, you’ll learn about the best practices for assessing your organization’s data protection needs, the challenges and opportunities that hybrid cloud presents, as well how to compare the offerings of vendors. In addition, you’ll hear about lessons learned based on the successes and roadblocks experienced by IT organizations.

The Two Most Common Weak Areas in Network Security

When it comes to plugging security holes and preventing breaches, you would think the most common weaknesses companies face might relate to firewalls or Network Access Control (NAC). Or maybe the organization’s use of specific security technology.

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Data Center Consolidation Services

Reduce complexity and experience gains with data center consolidation.

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Tech Tuesday – Next Gen Segmentation: How to use the Network as a Security Platform

Next gen segmentation combines the network visibility from Cisco ISE, the behavioral analysis from Cisco Stealthwatch, and the granular control from Cisco TrustSec to apply sdynamic and scalable role-based access controls on top of the traditional wired and wireless LANs. Using the network as a security platform reduces the amount of security chokepoints and can block potential risks at the source all while enhancing the visibility and context to enterprise endpoints and applications. Rich context awareness will allow organizations to respond to incidents quicker while using less resources. During this webinar, you hear Insight Security Architect Mike Sciacero discuss:

  • Using the network as a security platform with network transformation
  • Comparison of traditional segmentation vs. next gen segmentation
  • Use cases
  • Overview of Cisco TrustSec and Scalable Group Tags
  • Roadmap into SDA and Data Center

Common Cloud Hurdles and How to Avoid Them

So, you’ve decided it’s time to move to the cloud! Great! Now what? What goes? Test/dev environments? Production? Disaster recovery? New applications? Big applications? Small applications? Everything? How do you decide?

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IT in Transition: How IT Leaders Are Faring

Get compelling analysis to inform your work and share with clients in our IDG Research survey report, “IT in Transition: How IT Leaders Are Faring.”

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Case Study

How did an iconic printer brand lower operational costs by 20% and save $2M in workload alignment?

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IT transformation isn’t just a technology decision — it’s a strategic move for modern businesses. We’re here to help.