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Data center virtualization and consolidation

Data center consolidation reduces both the number and types of assets required to operate and manage your environment, laying the groundwork for effective IT governance.

More than just virtualizing physical assets, Datalink leverages the power of virtualization to enable greater efficiency across servers, storage, and networks. Through our proven, incremental server-to-storage-to-network data center virtualization and consolidation strategies, we help your business optimize overall performance and efficiency to leverage the benefits of a unified data center, including:

  • Fewer management points
  • Increased sharing among applications
  • Greater agility
  • Standardization
  • Better overall performance
  • Reduced infrastructure footprint
  • Shared server, storage, and network resource pools

Using a consultative, best practice-based approach for data center virtualization and consolidation, data protection and storage, advanced network infrastructures, and business continuity and disaster recovery, we deliver measurable gains in performance and value across the infrastructure. Our experienced IT professionals provide a continuum of services that include analysis, design, implementation, management, and ongoing technical support.

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