Your partner for architecture and deployment

Deploying new technology can be challenging, especially when you factor in obstacles like lack of experience, resource constraints, unrealistic deadlines, poor management support, or insufficient knowledge. Datalink IT experts ensure your IT architecture and deployment efforts are successful.

As solution architects, we fully understand the intricacies of designing, building, and deploying new storage virtualization, data center consolidation, and backup and recovery solutions into your infrastructure. With technology expertise that spans the data center, we excel at unified storage, server, and network implementations that help you achieve the full promise of IT. As your partner, we architect solutions that align IT with your business needs and work alongside you to ensure a deployment process with minimal disruption to your organization. 

Helping you make sense of technology

With so many technologies available, it's tough to set aside time to research how each can help you maximize IT efficiency. We relieve this burden from your team. Equipped with a thorough understanding of your business needs, our team of experts sorts through competing technologies and recommends solutions and practices that are best aligned with your requirements. 

Using proven methodologies and comprehensive project management, our field-tested professional services team works closely with you to architect, deploy, configure, and test each new solution, as well as provide knowledge transfer and support documentation for a smooth transition.

And to make sure you have complete confidence in your IT investment, you can test drive your IT solutions in our Datalink on Demand Labs – either physical or virtual – before deploying enterprise-wide.

IT assessments for directional insight

Our consultative analysis begins with an assessment of your current IT environment and capabilities. Because a thoughtful strategy is the foundation for every IT decision and investment, we get to know your business and organizational goals before making recommendations to help drive greater data center efficiency throughout your storage, network, and server infrastructures. Recommended strategies close the gaps between your needs and your current IT infrastructure, ensuring you see greater returns on every IT investment – both day-to-day and in the long term.
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