Overcome today's capacity challenges and anticipate tomorrow's storage needs

Data storage capacity management lets you get the most out of your existing infrastructure and plan for the future.

Through tools-assisted analysis and engineering expertise, the capacity manager reporting service provides clear insight into how you are currently using your resources. This information enables you to take proactive measures to maximize existing capacity and delay or reduce future storage purchases.

Benefits of capacity planning:

  • Greater application availability
  • Increased visibility of your entire storage infrastructure
  • Instantaneous capacity usage views
  • Optimized capacity for mission-critical applications
  • Identification of over-provisioning
  • More accurate ROI projections for technology solutions
  • Enhanced storage management

Our approach to capacity planning

Our capacity audits and assessments provide in-depth analysis of your storage utilization, enabling you to effectively plan future storage purchases and optimize your current storage infrastructure.

  • Quantitative data collection – Driven by technology-led tools, we install a data collector at your site that securely gathers capacity-related information, with minimal impact on your environment. This data is sent over a secure connection to the StorageScape™ portal hosted by Datalink.
  • Round-the-clock access to key performance metrics – Our service provides you with detailed reports identifying unused or underutilized storage, over-provisioned applications, and utilization trends. You have 30-day, round-the-clock access to the StorageScape portal to proactively gauge your environment's health and take corrective action as needed.
  • Recommendations for next steps – After interpreting the quantitative output and findings, we offer suggestions for best-available technologies and practices to improve your capacity utilization.

Capacity planning services

Capacity audit

A short-term quantitative engagement that includes:

  • A kickoff meeting that defines the project scope
  • Management tool installation at your site for data collection
  • Report generation with data analysis
  • Findings document and recommendations for improvement

Capacity assessment 

A strategic qualitative assessment that includes:

  • Strategic guidance on how you can increase efficiencies and drive savings within your enterprise storage infrastructure
  • Tactical, unbiased recommendations spanning technologies and proposed solution designs, processes required, and implications for existing resources
  • Roadmap for the future
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