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Improve data protection with the right backup capabilities

Ensure your IT infrastructure has the proper backup and recovery capabilities for the smooth operation of your business.

Datalink has a long, successful history of addressing the architecture and deployment of key IT infrastructure solutions such as backup and recovery to help you optimize processes for maximum results. Our extensive architecture, engineering, and deployment experience ensures that your backup solution is part of a comprehensive data protection strategy rather than just a tactical event. Industry-leading vendor partnerships – along with expertise in EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, NetApp, and Symantec and Veritas technologies – enable us to design, deploy, manage, and support the most effective backup and recovery solution for your business.

Backup assessment services

Improve your overall backup and recovery operation with an in-depth analysis of current performance. You'll gain key information to help you evaluate the processes and technologies that support your data protection strategy. With our backup assessment services, you can:
  • Measure the performance of your organization's backup technologies and promptly pinpoint and solve issues
  • Recognize if your organization is meeting its service-level agreements
  • Use technology-driven monitoring and data collection, combined with Datalink's qualitative analysis, to improve operations and make informed decisions regarding technology purchases
  • Increase the reliability of backup and recovery in your organization and better adhere to policies that govern the integrity of your data

Backup reporting services

Give your organization visibility to key data so you can proactively gauge the health of your backup and recovery architecture, tracking problems and identifying areas of improvement. Our backup reporting services offer:
  • Quantitative data collection in detailed reports for informed decision-making on daily operations, data protection planning, and future technology purchases
  • Ongoing management for quick problem identification
  • Round-the-clock access to key performance metrics that allow you to proactively gauge the health of your backup environment and take the necessary corrective action

Managed backup services

Let our experts monitor and manage your backup environment while you remain in control of your infrastructures, architecture, catalogs, and data. We provide high-availability, secure infrastructure solutions that address the fundamental yet critical business elements of backup and recovery, as well as storage, archiving, and business continuity.
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