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Unified solutions for your network

With data center virtualization, network infrastructure has advanced to allow information delivery anywhere, anytime. This puts significant pressure on IT teams to ensure they continually meet user demands.

Complex, heterogeneous environments add to the network management challenges. And protecting business-critical data requires specialized expertise and vigilance – which many IT departments are short on – to stay ahead of security threats.

As a single-vendor IT service provider for all leading technologies throughout the data center, Datalink can develop unified solutions that maximize your network's performance – tailored to meet specific organizational requirements. Leveraging our long-standing relationships with leading IT vendors, our proven expertise in NetApp, Symantec and Veritas, Cisco, HDS, and EMC solutions enables us to provide a robust and flexible network that evolves to meet ever-changing demands and future challenges. 

We are a recognized leader in virtualization, advanced network infrastructure, and unified communications, including high-performance switching; optical, storage, and server and application networking; routers; WAN optimization; network management and automation; call centers; and teleconferencing. We have experience with many leading manufacturers to help companies apply the technologies that best serve their business. From reference architectures that include Cisco blades, VMware, EMC storage, or Hitachi UCP Select for VMware vSphere with Cisco UCS, our solutions assist clients in taking optimal advantage of IT convergence.

See measurable gains throughout the network

We use a consultative, best practice-based approach for virtualization, consolidation, business continuity, and disaster recovery to deliver value and measurable performance gains across the network infrastructure.

Our expertise includes:

  • Using an enterprise perspective to determine performance capabilities of the LAN and WAN
  • Recognizing bottlenecks, equipment configuration problems, single points of failure, end-of-life situations, and end-of-support for hardware and software
  • Deploying a variety of automated, industry-standard tools to conduct our assessments in both a wired and wireless environment
  • Focusing on mission-critical applications to safeguard against disruptions
  • Achieving a balance between providing continuous access while safeguarding company assets in an ever-increasing amount of information storage, archival, and retention requirements

Find balance between accessibility and security

Datalink IT specialists address all resident components of the data center, identifying areas of concern and providing unbiased recommendations. Benefits of network architecture reviews include:

  • Identification of mission-critical applications that could be most affected by a disruption
  • A remediation plan to address immediate, intermediate, and long-term concerns based on your organization's business goals, budgets, and staffing capabilities
  • Valuable insight on end-of-support, non-manageable, or otherwise deficient devices to make informed decisions regarding future technology purchases
  • Unbiased strategy and recommendations for best-available technologies to improve your current environment and address anticipated future needs

Managed monitoring to ensure performance

Improve service levels, make better investment decisions, and operate more efficiently with our managed monitoring service. Get empirical data on your IT infrastructure and application performance to make informed decisions without investing in monitoring tools or manpower allocations.

Cisco SMARTnet service

We specialize in proactively assessing customers' current Cisco SMARTnet maintenance spend and leveraging it against maintenance requirements and mitigated risk. Because our experts know how to consolidate and co-terminate multiple contracts, you receive the best pricing and effective management of multiple contracts.

Benefits of Cisco SMARTnet:

  • Rapid problem resolution with round-the-clock, global access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
  • Ongoing system software updates to help evolve your network
  • Cisco IOS software support to extend the life of your Cisco devices
  • Next-business-day advance hardware replacement
  • Registered access to for powerful online tools and information
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