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Tech Tuesday is a webcast series for Datalink OneCall Support Services customers specifically focused on technical issues and challenges. Go to our events calendar to find out what's coming next. 

Tech Tuesday: NetBackup 7.7: What’s New? How is Management Enhanced?

Veritas recently launched its latest version of NetBackup. NetBackup 7.7 includes a number of notable enhancements. Learn about these capabilities in greater detail and walk away with tips for day-to-day system administration.
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Tech Tuesday: Tips & Best Practices for Managing NetBackup Storage Lifecycle Policies

Veritas Netbackup Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLPs), with recently expanded capabilities, simplify the management of backups, snapshots, images, duplication, and replication. This webcast will delve into key considerations and tips for setting up and managing storage policies within a NetBackup environment.
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Tech Tuesday: Tips and Best Practices for Streamlining Resolution Times with Datalink OneCall Support Services

New to Datalink OneCall Support Services? Or, looking for a refresh on how to leverage these services? This webcast will provide an overview of best practices and tips for engaging the support services team and streamlining the time to resolution process.
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Tech Tuesday: NetApp SnapManager for Oracle

Interested in learning how to automate and simplify processes associated with backup, recovery, and cloning of Oracle databases? Join Andrew Nelsen, senior solutions architect, as he discusses and demonstrates some best practices and tips for using NetApp SnapManager for Oracle.
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Tech Tuesday: VMware Backup with Symantec NetBackup 7.6: Key Capabilities and Practices

Please join Chette Boardman as he discusses the new features available in Symantec NetBackup 7.6 for the protection of virtual machines (VMs). He will cover all aspects of VM protection available with NetBackup 7.6 and will walk through restoring a VM.
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Tech Tuesday: Symantec NetBackup Disaster Recovery Planning and Best Practices

Join Datalink Solutions Engineer Mike McLain as he discusses some best practices and tips for preparing for and executing a NetBackup DR test. Mike will leverage his experience as a day-to-day backup manager for a large financial company and will offer practical and field-tested input, as well as lessons learned.
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Tech Tuesday: Granular Recovery Technology

Datalink Senior Systems Engineer Chette Boardman discusses using Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) for Exchange and SharePoint. Understand GRT capabilities, requirements and processes for implementation, process flows, and more.
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Tech Tuesday: NetBackup OpsCenter

Gain a better understanding of NetBackup OpsCenter with a step-by-step walk-through of installation, communication, analytics and reporting, troubleshooting, and more.
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Tech Tuesday: Best Practices for Cisco Nexus Management

Datalink Solutions Engineer Tim Borgert discusses management best practices for the new Cisco Nexus 7000 series. He focuses on the latest Data Center Network Management (DCNM) software capabilities.
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Tech Tuesday: Deep Dive into NetBackup 7.6

Join Datalink Solutions Engineer Mike Morgan as he provides a deep dive into Symantec NetBackup 7.6. This presentation focuses on the VMware portion of 7.6, highlighting the capabilities and how to apply them to your environment.
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Tech Tuesday: Cluster Mode vs. Classic

Datalink Principal Architect Jason Anderson demonstrates key capabilities of NetApp® Clustered Data ONTAP® (cDOT). He discusses the differences between cluster mode and classic and explains the benefits of each.
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Tech Tuesday: What's new with NetBackup 7.6?

Join Datalink's Practice Director Mike Spindler as he provides an overview on the latest release of Symantec NetBackup (NetBackup 7.6). He highlights some of the new features and capabilities and shows you how to apply them to your environment.
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Tech Tuesday: How to manage and optimize NetBackup Appliances

Join Datalink's Advanced Technical Support Engineer Paul Weaver as he shows how to maximize the efficiency of your NetBackup Appliances. He explains the differences between appliance versions and how to get the most out of your NetBackup Appliance investment.
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Tech Tuesday: Reporting on your storage environment using StorageScape

Join Datalink's Managed Services Solutions Architect Eric Lindbeck as he discusses reporting on your storage environment with StorageScape. He'll explain how to use the many different reporting features to enhance visibility across heterogeneous environments and make better, more informed technology decisions.
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Tech Tuesday: How to protect your VMware VMs

Join Datalink's Advanced Technical Support Engineer Chette Boardman as he shows how to leverage NetBackup to protect VMware VMs. He highlights the latest VMware functionality in NetBackup and demonstrates the optimal usage configurations to ensure your virtual environments are protected.
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